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Inforex S.A. was established in September 2002 as a Greek data vendor company. Its shareholders are Oceantrade S.A. of Geneva, as the majority shareholder, and Foreks S.A. of Istanbul.

Inforex is an official data vendor of the Athens Stock Exchange since the last quarter of 2002 and it has started its sales and marketing operations during the first quarter of 2003.

Foreks, the sister company of Inforex, was established in early 1990 as a joint Swiss-Turkish venture and according to the latest official figures from the Istanbul Stock Exchange, it is one of the main data vendors, with a market share of 37%, which is about 4,000 terminals. In addition, Foreks is the main data-provider to 50% of banks’ and brokerage houses’ websites and Internet portals in Turkey.

The mother company, Oceantrade, has established Inforex, basing it on the Foreks model, that worked very well in Turkey, which is very similar to the Greek market in terms of local investor profile, market trends, statistics, characteristics and competition.

Our success in development of financial systems and programs that provide real-time data and technical analyses is mainly due to four factors:

1. Leading edge in technology: Throughout the years, our companies have always been on the cutting edge of technology, integrating technological innovations and new approaches to its operations and developing new and robust products.

2. The use of domain experts and market specialists: While developing our products, the technology team works very closely with market specialists and perfects the product continuously with feedback from clients. Inforex has strategically taken a very flexible and non-bureaucratic approach, which enables its market specialists to recognize and react to market trends and developments and allows its programmers to integrate these market demands and input quickly.

3. Competitive price: The strength of the company lies not only with its use of innovative technology and its user-friendly and robust product but also with its competitive pricing structure. Inforex is the leader in providing cost-efficient real-time data, news and technical analyses.

4. Customer Service and Technical support and maintenance: What differentiates our companies from our competitors is the importance we give to client service management as well as to technical support and maintenance. The company has three separate but complementary units (1) Sales and Marketing Team which allows for a strong national distribution network and for client service management, (2) Technical Services Team which is responsible for the set up of systems at the client site, and (3) Systems Help Desk that is responsible for training and call centre. Clients are given individual training and continuous support and maintenance, both through the call centre and regular on-site visits.