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WebFX is a real-time java based product designed for displaying real-time quotes via internet connection. It has a very easy-to-use user interface and a very good visual design.

Advantages of WebFX:
  • 30 plus different price information
  • No set-up or installation program necessary: WebFX is loaded automatically by simply clicking a link.
  • Very short download time: WebFX has a file size of 270K, which can be downloaded in less than 2 minutes with 56 Kbps connection.
  • Multi-browser compatibility: Supported by commonly used browsers like Netscape, Internet Explorer etc.
  • Optimized use of bandwidth: Bandwidth use optimized due to special data compression methods.
  • All inner panels (windows) displayed separately: These separate windows can be displayed outside the browser window, on the desktop.
  • Full Customization: All windows are customizable according to choice of columns and securities.
  • Access to personalized settings from any location: Customized and personalized pages are saved in a central database (not on the local PC). Therefore, the user can access his/her settings from any other PC.
  • Multi-language infrastructure: Currently in Greek and English.

    WebFX Basic is a real-time java based applet where you can follow:

  • Level 1 (basic) ASE stocks data
  • ASE Indices
  • ASE Category indices
  • Delayed International indices
  • ASE corporate news
  • Basic chart
    WebFX Advanced is a more professional version of WebFX Basic with Level 2 ASE data and the following additional features:

  • Level 2 (three best bid and ask prices) of ASE
  • ASE Indices
  • ASE Category indices
  • Delayed International indices
  • Forex rates
  • ASE corporate news
  • Inforex news
  • WebFX Chart: Java-based professional technical analysis
    WebFX Chart (Included in WebFX Advanced) is a state-of-the-art, very user-friendly java based technical analysis product which offers investors one of the best professional interactive technical analysis with vastly used indicators, overlays and trend lines via internet connection. WebFX Chart is included in the WebFX Advanced package.